The Percy Hedley Story


This term is a little bit different from all other terms as we’ve known them. Though last term started back in April virtually, we all thought that a few weeks down the line perhaps we might be heading for somewhere back to normal. Now we’re not quite sure we can remember what normal was!

So as worldwide events have unfolded and continue to, we’re now firmly in our second virtual term of Sing United. We don’t know about you but, though this wasn’t how any of us would have planned it, we’re mighty glad we’re all still together online and bringing so much light and joy to each other on a weekly basis. Not only that but we’ve grown our membership in the process. Now we have singers from not just all over the country but across the globe!

The Sing United Foundation

As many of you will know, every term since Sing United began, our songs follow a theme telling many a story. Those stories and that theme always have a very clear community purpose. So, each term we look to raise as much money and awareness as we can for specific local causes close to our hearts. We’re proud to do this through our very own Sing United Foundation! This term we’re so thrilled to be supporting the Percy Hedley Foundation. The Foundation was set up in 1953 by a group of parents as a special school for children with cerebral palsy.
The Percy Hedley Foundation
In the early days the formation of the Foundation was met with some scepticism. Over the years they have developed the work they do to make sure children, young people and adults with communication and sensory impairments have equal opportunities in life.

So who was Percy Hedley?

He was never personally involved in the work of the Foundation as he passed away before it was formed. Before his passing, Percy Hedley created a trust – the Percy Hedley Will Trust – leaving all his money to be used for charitable purposes in the North East. After a chance meeting between Percy Hedley’s solicitor and the parents who founded the school, the Foundation became one of three charities to benefit from the trust. In over 60 years they have grown from supporting 12 children to over 1,000 disabled people and their families and that number continues to grow each year.

Percy Hedley

The Purpose of the Foundation

The Foundation provides a wide range of high quality, specialist personalised care and education support to disabled people and their families. They meet the needs of disabled people with cerebral palsy, communication impairments, sensory impairments and complex learning, social care and therapeutic needs.

Offering a wide range of services to children, young people and adults, their education services include Percy Hedley School, Hedleys Northern Counties School, Hedleys College and residential and respite care for all ages. They also run an Employability Project to improve employment opportunities for disabled people.

To make all of this happen they have a dedicated team of fundraisers. They work all year round to raise money that goes directly to provide these vital services, specialist equipment and facilities in the North East. All of this simply wouldn’t exist without their continued support.

Our fundraising for the Percy Hedley Foundation this term is for their music provision. This will help them to make music accessible to as many of their children as possible.

Music at Percy Hedley
Music at Percy Hedley
Music at Percy Hedley

The Foundation’s vision is to inspire, believe, achieve.

They believe that working together as one Foundation means they can achieve more than individual services would achieve alone.

Their lasting promise is that people are at the heart of everything they do.

If there is anything you do today, please, please take a few moments to watch these two videos. They will answer every question you have about why we’re fundraising for this amazing charity this term… 💚

Fundraising for Percy Hedley
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