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Our term, and shows on March 21st, highlight the issues our planet is currently facing. Sing United are doing what we do best – bringing local communities together to see what difference we can make.

There are few subjects that are more important than the well being of the planet on which we live. As the climate crisis worsens, the devastating impact it is having is plain to see.

The environmental movement continues to gather pace with the number of people “going green” ever increasing. What no-one knows is, are we doing enough? Can we reverse the effects industrialisation has had on global warming? As we all know, there are many major environmental issues that threaten our safety and the future of our children. A recent newspaper article has highlighted the potential impact of rising sea levels on the North East region. By the end of the century there are a number of areas on our doorstep that will have been ‘claimed by the sea’.

Some of the biggest concerns include: air and marine pollution, global fuel consumption and the reliance on fossil fuels. These factors, alongside the effects of overpopulation, all add to the melting pot that threatens the world as we know it today. Are the efforts we make to recycle, reduce waste and become more energy efficient having a big enough impact?


What can we do?

We’ve already started a wave of environmental projects that actually began last summer. This was when we first started to see the difference 150 like minded people can make when they put their heads together. Spearhead by our very own Lawrence Straker, we collected in excess of 10,000 green milk bottle tops in a few weeks. We went on to collect a final total three times that much! This was all in aid of the Great North Children’s Hospital with a firm recycling and re-purposing theme.

Lawrence’s current initiative is recycling old pairs of spectacles that would otherwise be thrown away. These are being collected and sent to Vision Aid Overseas – as you might expect these are arriving at rehearsals in their droves!

We need your help…

We’re lucky to have a couple of singer stories to share with you as part of this term’sMeet the Singers’ series. We realise it’s a bit trickier this term for a large number of people to have a strong personal connection to the theme. That said, we are all certainly conscious about looking after our precious planet. One of our lovely singers, Debbie Shanks, had a great idea to pull together a communal blog on the subject! This is where you come in…

For those of you who would like to contribute could you send us details of the small changes you are making, or will try to make, in your lifestyle to reduce your impact on the environment. This could be something you’ve done for years, or perhaps an idea sparked by someone else’s actions more recently. Whatever you want to tell us, we’re all ears!!! It can just be a sentence or two – it doesn’t have to be a novel! Please send your contributions by clicking on the button below…

We can’t wait to hear about all your amazing ideas – they might then inspire other people to do the same!

And so the ripple effect continues…

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