Singing for Wellbeing Masterclass


Your Saturday singing spa!
Happiness and health in group singing
Getting the most out of singing together
Strengthen bonds

A morning of releasing endorphins through relaxing, informal singing. Explore how you are special and the high value your contribution makes towards having a healthy, happy choir!

Susie Jones is Trainee song therapist. She has been leading music and singing sessions across the north east for 19 years. She is inclusion and vocal lead on behalf of North Tyneside Music Education Hub, and is passionate about inclusivity for all in music, especially using voice and the body.

Susie currently runs the Standing Upright project for Youth Music for 12-24 year olds in North Tyneside, enabling young people to develop their music/arts practise.

There is no physical ticket – please just bring your emailed receipt and a smile!


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