Our Remembrance Stories: Cynthia Hall

There’s certainly no let up yet – the ‘Meet the Singers’ series roars on! Our next story comes from Cynthia Hall who shares her special connection to our show, ‘Lest We Forget’. Our performance this Sunday, 10th November, at the Whitley Bay Playhouse, is getting ever closer! We’re so excited to share our special show with our wonderful audience!

“In the photo above my father-in-law, Joseph Leslie Hall, can be seen on the far left eating out of a tin can. At the age of 20 he enlisted in the army with the Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. After his basic training, the Fusiliers joined with other regiments to form the 8th Army. Following this, they were then posted to North Africa, where they became known as the Desert Rats. They fought against Field Marshal Rommel’s African Corp, finally defeating them at the battle of El Alamein and driving them out of North Africa. This was the first land victory of allied troops in World War II against the German army.

As you can see in the images below, Joseph was named in the London Gazette by the war office, on behalf of the King, for distinguished services in the Middle East. He was also mentioned in dispatches and awarded the Oak Leaf Medal for gallant action in the face of the enemy.

Joseph was wounded by a piece of shrapnel in his left leg and as a result he returned to England. However, after recuperating in hospital, he became a training instructor preparing troops for further conflict.

I knew him personally for 32 years and he was a quiet gentle family man. He went on to live a good life and died at the age of 86. We are all very proud of him.”

Thank you so much Cynthia for sharing your special story with us.

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