?Ladies and Gentlemen of Sing United!
1️⃣If you asked for the sheet music to be sent to you instead of printed, I just emailed it to you!
2️⃣ALL the downloads are now on the Downloads page of the site for you:
*Piano tracks
*Full mixes
*Individual parts tracks
*PDFs of individual scores
*PDF of the full pack as one file
*ZIP files of EVERYTHING bundled together by voice section – this is BY FAR the easiest way to download everything.
3️⃣Speaking of downloads…. all instructions for how to access all these files and get them on to your devices are on the same page. There’s even videos for bits of it and recommended apps.
If you think there’s a question not answered by the page, put the kettle on, have a cuppa, and see if you think it’s still not there ?.. and THEN if you’re sure, please email me at hello@singunited.co.uk.
4️⃣Love you all – can’t wait to see you on Thursday and get started!
This is DEFINITELY the CATCHIEST Sing United show yet.
?PS… we WERE full but have sadly had 2 health-related dropouts today, so if you have a friend who wants to join us this term (even if they can’t for example make the first rehearsal on Thursday), please send them ASAP to https://singunited.co.uk/join
Thanks all. I’m off home for a whiskey!!!!
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