🥾🥾 500 MILE CHALLENGE!!! 🥾🥾

Hey everyone!
As those of you who were on our first virtual rehearsal this week already know, we’ve set a new challenge to kick off our fundraising this term for the Road to Recovery Trust.
It’s called the 500 Mile Challenge and we’d love as many of you as possible to get involved! So what is it?
💚 The challenge is for us, as a team, to collectively walk and/or run 500 miles as many times as we can over the next 3 weeks:
11th – 17th January
18th – 24th January
25th – 31st January
💚 Each Sunday we’ll put a new post pinned to the top of the announcements, for those of you on Facebook, to report your individual miles TOTAL for that week. So these will go up on 17th, 24th and 31st January with a 5pm deadline to update us with your miles. For those of you not on Facebook the same post will go up here on the Member Notices on the website where you can comment or you can email Suzanne at suzanne@theadmingeek.co.uk with your miles.
💚 If you are recording your movement in steps or kilometres we’ll need you to convert them to miles and if you need help with this please email Suzanne.
💚 Each time we hit 500 miles as a team, Sing United will put £50 in the fundraising pot for the Road to Recovery Trust. You can, of course, set your own individual targets that you can track yourself and ask friends and family to sponsor you if you wish. If you want to set yourself a target and make a donation if you hit it, that would be great too. Any donations will need to be paid direct into the Foundation account when the challenge is over, so we’ll give you the account details then.
As one of the few things we are allowed to do is take daily exercise, we thought this would be the perfect challenge to involve as many people as possible. You don’t have to get involved but please be assured this isn’t a competition so however big or small your contribution, every step counts. It could be your steps that tip us over into another 500 miles achieved and another £50 in the pot!
So comfy shoes on and start counting your miles from tomorrow, Monday 11th January. We’ll keep you updated each week on how our total is growing and thank you so much for your support yet again and getting behind our fundraising.
💚 Do take care when you’re out and about and stay safe everyone 💚

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