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We bring you together, with new friends and old.

We sing because we love to, and because we have a passion.

Our music is a message, a call, steeped in identity. This is music with meaning.

We believe that by combining the fun of community singing as a group, with music that has something to say, we can create powerful moments.

We want to take our music out of the traditional concert hall and into the community.

We support local charities connected with the music we sing – we do this through our charity the Sing United Foundation.

We want to sing to unite, to bring people and voices together.

Created by Musical Director Mark Deeks, Sing United captures the positive potential of people and music in one unique community singing group. “The most important desire is to bring people together who love to sing in a fun environment. But this isn’t just to make a great sound. We also want to demonstrate the amazing power that music can have when it carries a message of hope, or the feelings of a community”.

The music of Sing United combines folk with pop and soul. As well as bringing you some of the most moving and compelling songs from popular music history, new and original music is created especially for each show. This means that the identity of Sing United stays relevant and exciting. Every project also features music and messages made in or about the region the singers call ‘home’. The stories and people of the region – this is music for and from the community.

We also focus on performing in places that might not always host live music. Whether museums, galleries, public spaces of all kinds, we want to take our singing to the people.

Calling on Mark’s experience of working with singing groups of all shapes and sizes over almost 20 years, Sing United is your chance to sing for the love of it, and sing about something you feel. We don’t need you to be able to read music when you join, or to pass an audition. We just need you to bring your voice, your passion and a smile.


Voices Together.


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