Welcome to Sing United Family

Creating unforgettable experiences for family members young and old, Sing United Family is the perfect opportunity for children and families wishing to spend quality time together, build each other’s confidence, and create lasting memories.    

Created by Musical Director Mark Deeks, and led by Collette Brady, Sing United Family merges the positivity, power and passion of Family singing together with the messages of hope that music with meaning can bring. 

Focused around an uplifting theme, and using a mixture of musical genres, Sing United Family is an opportunity for children alongside family members to sing, learn, and perform together.  

We believe that music has the power not just to transform our own lives, but also to transform the lives of everyone it comes into contact with.  

Collette is a Primary School Teacher and has experience of working with children’s singing groups for over 10 years. She has a passion for singing and the positivity it brings. She has herself been a member of numerous choirs and community singing groups since she was at school. “I love being a member of Sing United myself, and am very much looking forward to extending this amazing community of singers and capturing the positivity, passion and power that music can bring into people’s lives.”

Sing United Family is your chance to sing for the love of it, and sing about something you feel. We don’t need you to be able to read music or to pass an audition. We just need you to bring your voice, your passion and a smile.

Want to be part of this growing community?