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Lest We Forget

Main Performance: November 23rd, 10.15am

Sing United Family North Tyneside
Sacred Heart Church Hall, North Gosforth
(Saturdays, 9-10am)
September 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
October 5th, 19th, 26th
November 9th, 16th, 23rd

In 2019, we mark a number of significant anniversaries of events that we should never forget. At the beginning of June it was 75 years since D-Day, when brave Allied troops stormed the beaches of Northern France, and we saw hugely emotional scenes remembering their sacrifice. This year also commemorates 100 years since the signing of the Treaty of Versailles, ending the state of war between Germany and the Allies in World War I, and 50 years since the first deployment of British troops in Northern Ireland. Known as Remembrance Day in the UK, and Veterans Day in the US, each year in early November, we pause to make sure that those who have gone before us and sacrificed to allow us to live in peace, are never forgotten.

Many artists have turned to song when wanting to speak out against the horror of war, pause for reflection, pay tribute, or simply remember. In ‘Lest We Forget’, Sing United Family offers its own contribution of musical remembrance. 

Whatever the sacrifice, lest we forget.

Each term, the sign up process to become a member of

Sing United Family is the same.

Spaces are strictly limited, so please follow the guide below

if you want to secure your place.

Who can join Sing United Family?

Any child aged 5-16 can join Sing United Family, whether this is individually, with a sibling or a friend, or with their responsible adult.

Adult family members are also able to join, whether this be a mum, dad, legal guardian, step-parent, grandparent, aunty or uncle.

If you are an adult aged 16+ and want to sing but don’t have a family child in this group, you need to look at the Sing United section on this website for more information.

If you are unsure about any of these requirements, please just ask.


Will my children be safe?

Collette has been a teacher for over 17 years and takes safeguarding very seriously. She has a DBS certificate and has had safeguard training.

It is important that if you or a family member is not attending with your child, you communicate with Collette who is picking them up after rehearsals. Upon arrival, please make this known, especially if there are any changes to the person who normally picks up your child.

Your children will never be left alone and are in very safe hands.


What if I can’t make all of the rehearsals?

We know that sometimes you would love to join for a whole project but can’t make all of the rehearsals. If that is the case for you, we don’t want you to feel excluded from taking part. After all, this is about uniting! We know that life is busy and maybe you can only come some weeks and not others – no problem. 

If you would like to do the end of term performance, what we would like you to do is to attend at least 7 out of the 10 rehearsals. You also have the option to attend ‘Any Session Any Time’, which is included in the Champion Bundle. This means you go to any rehearsal at either the North or South Tyneside group, regardless of which group you’ve actually signed up for.


What if I can make the rehearsals but not the concert?

We know that for some people, rehearsals are as much fun as the concert.  We also know they don’t want to miss the whole experience just because they have another commitment on concert day. So, if this is you and you want to come to rehearsals knowing you can’t make the concert, don’t worry! You can still join! All we ask is that you make sure we know no later than 3 weeks before the show.


I’ve got a friend who would like to come and try out Sing United for a session.

Great! They are welcome to come and join us for a session and see what Sing United is all about, completely free of charge! If this is early in the rehearsal period and they would like to attend future rehearsals, they are very welcome. They will simply pay a cost of £5 per session. See “What if I can’t make all of the rehearsals?” above.


Where can I buy merchandise for Sing United Family?

T-shirts for children and polo-shirts for adults are available to buy in the Shop in the menu above. There will be an opportunity to look at these in different sizes at rehearsals before you actually put an order in, during the first few weeks of term. Other Sing United merchandise is also available in the website Shop.


What do we wear for our performances?

It’s really important to us that you are comfortable and have some creativity when it comes to what you wear when performing with Sing United. Smart, yes, but also with freedom to have some variety. There is no set uniform as such, but we would like to be smart and for you to keep to the colour theme of the Sing United green, black and white. Whatever works for you.

All that we ask is that you try to match the Sing United green as closely as possible. To see the hex / RGB / CMYK codes for the green, you can click HERE.


Tell me more about these extras in the bundles!

We want Sing United to be about you! So, we have put together a list of extras that we think people who sing for fun will love! Then to save you money, we’ve bundled them in the different membership packages that are available. Which is your favourite?


  • Show Logo Pin Badge – Each show that we work on will have an icon or image that represents the theme of the music. All adult members will receive a pin badge as part of their membership as a little memento, whereas child members will receive a button badge. That way you can collect them and look back on your experiences with Sing United.


  • Priority Membership Application– all current members will have the opportunity to apply for the next term’s membership before the application process opens to the general public.


  • Friends and Family Rehearsal Pass – this pass is available in the Supporter and Champion bundles and allows any members of your family to come and watch you rehearse. This is a great opportunity for those family members to watch you sing, especially if they are visiting from far away or cannot make your performance at the end of term.


  • Free tickets! – The Supporter bundle includes 1 free ticket to the performance, whilst the Champion bundle includes 2. This is a great way to save money for you and your friends and family, and gives you a chance to get tickets before anyone else.


  • Priority ticket sales period – There will be a 2 week priority ticket sales period, available only to Supporter and Champion package singers. This gives you a chance to make sure they have their seats before anyone else!


  • Membership of the Sing United Family Discount Club Supporter and Champion bundle singers get discounts from handpicked family friendly businesses. We hope this helps you to have even more fun times together, and create memories to share with each other.


  • Any session any time – Regardless of which group you’ve actually signed up for, you are literally able to attend any session any time. This is perfect if you miss one of your normal rehearsals or if you would just like the extra practice. Just let your Sing United Family Leader know. This is ONLY available in the Champion bundle.


  • Special Family Commemorative Photo– At every show there will be a professional photographer. They will take photos not only of the full group and the venue, but also of families, smaller groups and individuals. As a Champion singer, you will get a family commemorative photo as a part of your bundle.


  • Family Social Ticket – it is really important that our community of singers in Sing United Family get to know each other. Therefore at the end of each term there will be a social event which will be lots of fun and bring us togetherFriends and family of singers are also welcome. The Family Social ticket included in the Champion bundle is for a family of up to 4 people including children.


  • Read The Dots 3 Months Family Subscription –This is a fantastic opportunity from our very own Musical Director Mark Deeks, to help you learn to read music online, from beginner to pro. In these short, digestible, plain English videos, Mark gives away all his best tips to help YOU. Countless people enjoy all kinds of musical activities with little or no understanding of the dots flying past their eyes! Whilst, of course, there is still huge joy to be had, some people have always wanted to gain a better understanding of just what it all means. Sing United Family Supporter and Champion bundle singers will be given 3 months’ membership of the site completely free.