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As we wave farewell to the twenty tens and roar into the twenty twenties, we can’t wait to launch into a new decade with Sing United! What’s in store for the #Greenheartarmy this year? With our biggest sell out show yet, still firmly in the memory banks, we now turn our attention to the new term. More music to learn, stories to uncover and venues to explore!

Our first show of 2020 will be on Saturday March 21st, back in our more familiar performance venue, the People’s Theatre in Heaton. After the resounding success of our ‘Lest We Forget’ show, once again over 150 singers will unite on stage for our next show.

Introducing ‘Emergency Planet Earth’…

There are few subjects that are more important than the well being of the planet on which we live. As the climate crisis worsens, the devastating impact it is having is plain to see.


The environmental movement continues to gather pace with the number of people “going green” ever increasing. What no-one knows is, are we doing enough? Can we reverse the effects industrialisation has had on global warming? There are many major environmental issues that threaten our safety and the animals that live alongside us.

Some of the biggest concerns include: air and marine pollution, global fuel consumption and the reliance on fossil fuels. These factors, alongside the effects of overpopulation, all add to the melting pot that threatens the world as we know it today. Are the efforts we make to recycle, reduce waste and create energy efficient cars having a big enough impact to make a difference?

A quote we came across recently really struck a chord…

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”

It certainly puts things into perspective, doesn’t it?

Emergency Planet Earth: The Songs

There is no doubt that mankind needs to change their habits and this has given songwriters great motivation to pen songs on the subject. Our term, and show, will highlight the issues our planet is facing and bring our communities together to see what difference we can make.

The show will feature music as diverse as Jamiroquai to Louis Armstrong, Imagine Dragons to Woody Guthrie and Sonata Arctica to Neil Young. Our show and songs within it are a call to action, an impassioned plea, and our hope for change.

Sing United – now a registered charity!

Once again we’ll be continuing our community giving but from now on we’ll be doing so through the Sing United Foundation. We’re so thrilled to have now set up a registered charity, as a platform to enhance our fundraising efforts, and take our giving back to the next level.

This term Sing United are thrilled to be working with Recyke y’Bike. The North East based charity takes in over 2000 used bike donations from members of the public every year. The bikes are then refurbished, by their amazing team of qualified staff and volunteers, to be sold or given away to help others in need.

All fundraising activities from our generous bunch of selfless singers will be donated to this fantastic cause. With more environmentally friendly initiatives led by members of the #Greenheartarmy to unveil, we’ll keep you updated as the term progresses. We’ll also be sharing more about the work Recyke y’Bike do and the support they provide in our region and beyond.

Our Environmental Stories

This term may be a bit trickier than some to find people with a connection to our show. So we’ll need to get our thinking caps on for our next ‘Meet the Singers’ series. Members of the Sing United family will be invited to share with us their special stories connected to the theme of our show. Do you or your family have any special connection to any environmental campaigns? Are you involved in any environmental initiatives that we can shine a light on, or even better get involved with? We’d love to hear from you and share your stories.

The non-venue venue performances always provide us with some amazing unique experiences. We’re in the process of confirming what form this will take over the coming weeks to bring Sing United out into the community. Keep your eyes peeled!

Back in action on Thursday! Bringing music with a strong message.

Sing United’s ‘Emergency Planet Earth’ will no doubt be another concert to remember.

Please do get in touch with any stories you’re happy for us to share ?

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