One. Whole. Year.
A year ago today we had our very first virtual rehearsal, back when Zoom was a new thing to some of us and we thought perhaps we might need to have online rehearsals for a few weeks or so… 🥺
Who would have thought a year later we would just have kicked off our fourth virtual term of Sing United! It’s easy to think, because we haven’t been able to get together and share the experiences we’ve become used to with the magic of Sing United, how could we have possibly achieved anything online?
Well! Let us remind you of everything you’ve all pulled together, created and supported in this ‘different’ but no less important and incredible year for Sing United.
Here’s a roll call of our shenanigans…
💚 Weekly zoom singing rehearsals each term that kept us all going through a tough year
💚 We went international! With not only singers across the country but across the world!
💚 Virtual Singing Projects:
🎼 Virtual “We Shall Overcome” aired on what should have been our Emergency Planet Earth Concert Day
🎼 Virtual “I’m Blue” to help our friends at Blue Flames to crowdfund for survival in the first lockdown
🎼 Virtual “National Anthem” as part of VE Day celebrations
🎼 Virtual “World in Union” in collaboration with Take Note
🎼 Virtual “I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free” which was very apt at the time…
🎼 Virtual “Suffragette Medley” in our International Women’s Day tribute
🎼 And we we still have another virtual project we’re excited to hear the outcome of
💚 Plus challenges, raffle, auction, quizzes, Pop Up Pianos and huge amounts of individual fundraising from our singers
And, last but absolutely not least, our amazing, generous singers have raised an incredible amount of money for charity since going virtual:
💚 Mark released his piano version of “Local Hero” raising money for NHS Charities Together on behalf of the Sing United Foundation – an amazing £2,754.24 for our NHS heroes.
💚 Towards the end of 2020 in our We Sing United Term we raised £3,627 for the wonderful Percy Hedley Foundation.
💚 In our last term, Songs of Hope, we raised £2,043.45 for the inspirational Road to Recovery Trust.
That’s a staggering £8,424.69 without setting foot in a rehearsal room or performance venue together.
We’re all desperate to get back in the same room but please do take a moment to consider what we’ve achieved together this year. We’ll all admit that “it’s just not the same”, of course it’s not. BUT in the situation that we were presented with it’s been a wonderful weekly tonic, we’ve achieved so much good and we’ve got each other through this, together.
💚 We are Sing United 💚
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